Hype Nail Polish

Made of 85% vegetable origin and 5 free!

Some of the features of our nail polishes are:


*hype is free of toxic chemicals: Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Tosylamide and Camphor


*hype's uniquely patented formula is made from up to 85% plant-based ingredients, without compromising performance. Derived from potatoes and corn, this nail polish is not only naturally colorful, it’s also long lasting, quick drying and has an outstanding gloss.


An easy to use brush that gives you perfect control and even coverage. This thousand filament brush collects the right amount of enamel, covering the entire nail with one stroke.

Inspired by Miami's colors, culture, & hustle.

Check out our kits:

The Essentials

Everything you need for a classic look, plus our unbeatable Base and Top Coat. This kit never goes out of style:

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Effortless cool. These colors are featured across Wynwood’s famous street murals. Bring out your creative side with each lustrous shade. Each kit also comes with our brilliant Top Coat.

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Nail Therapy

Treat your nails to a botanical infused spa day with this kit:

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