So What Is All The Hype?

It started with an idea to wean the public from our over dependence on non-renewable oil-based products. Our chemists tested hundreds of renewable sources finally going back to the basics - potatoes and corn. Millions of acres of these two crops are cultivated every year for various food products, and have been since before the pilgrims came to America. Those two, along with other natural botanicals, make up over 85% of the Hype Nail Enamels formula giving them a quick drying, long lasting color base. Hype is an unparalleled quality luxury nail enamel available in 44 shades thereby creating a full spectrum of colors to choose from. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy your visit.

Save Up to 30% With Built in Volume Discounts

Save 10% - 30% by simply buying more bottles. See the grid on each colors individual page. You can mix & match colors or buy several of each color and the cart will automatically give you the discounted pricing.


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