What Color Nail Polish Goes Best for Each Situation

Andrea Cid

Posted on September 14 2020

What Color Nail Polish Goes Best for Each Situation *Hype Nail Polish


While clothes, makeup, and hairstyles contribute to our overall aesthetic, there’s one component that’s long been overlooked. Nail polish adds the perfect finishing touch to any look, making it the ideal complementary detail to all ensembles. However, there’s a time and a place for specific nail polishes. Whether you’re a nail enamel fiend or a seasonal wearer, it’s important to know that certain occasions call for certain nail polishes. Moreover, you’ll find that plant based nail polish and natural nail polish provide more long-lasting, stunning results. Below, you’ll find some advice on how to choose the best nail polish for any situation.

First Date
When making a first impression, it’s essential to wow your date with your impossible good looks and impeccable taste. As far as your nails go, you don’t want them to steal the show. Instead, you want them to enhance your aesthetic without distracting from your natural beauty. What’s more, you want them to ooze romance. With that said, pink, raspberry, and red are some great selections. Not only are these colors inherently romantic, but they also offer an air of femininity that your date will adore.

During an interview, you don’t want your nails to be too loud. In this instance, less is more. You want to come across as professional, which is why sticking to nude hues is advised. Though darker colors like walk of shame and cosmopolitan are striking, they don’t send the appropriate message. To impress your interviewer, consider lighter shades like sweet dreams, sheer pearl, and sheer ballerina. With these subtle hues, you’ll ensure that you appear sophisticated and put together.

Not all workplaces are created equal, but most offices offer a relaxed atmosphere. Even still, it’s ill-advised to wear flashy nail enamel into work. If you’re the more reserved type, cashmere and sheer nude will be right up your alley. After all, you can never go wrong with natural nail polish. If your style is more eccentric, quirky hues like swipe right, San Telmo, and sapphire will reflect your fun personality. This color spectrum ranges from dark grey to mauve, making it dynamic and unexpected.

If you’re attending a wedding, match your polish to your outfit. If you don’t like being so matchy-matchy, delicate shades like fiesta, queen, and Heather LaRose will do the trick. If it’s your big day, many brides opt for either red, pink, or beige. Some top contenders include paradise, baby, and nude. No matter what you decide, go with a plant based nail polish so that the manicure lasts longer and photographs better.

While at a party, this is your chance to let your individual style run wild. If you want your nails to warrant a second and third glance, look no further than a bright turquoise like Caribbean. Sun of May, which is a gorgeous yellow, will also do the trick. If you prefer something quieter, mild purples and pinks like waterlily and sheer chiffon are worth looking into.

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