With Wearing Safety Masks Has Manicured & Polished Nails Become More Important

Andrea Cid

Publicado el octubre 17 2020

With Wearing Safety Masks Has Manicured & Polished Nails Become More Important *Hype Nail Polish
There's no doubt about it - the Covid-19 pandemic has changed everyone's life completely. We know all too well how our lives have changed when it comes to social situations, travel, health precautions, and employment, but have you considered how this pandemic is affecting our sense of style and professionalism?

Before we were all wearing masks every time we left the home, it was easy for us to express our sense of personal style, grooming habits, and professionalism through the makeup we chose to wear. Getting ready for an evening out or a day at work required putting on the right outfit and throwing on some makeup. Maybe we tried to find the perfect shade of plant based nail enamel, but it was far from our top priority.

However, wearing safety masks everywhere we have to go now has changed this dramatically. We spend our time out in public or at work with more than half of our faces constantly covered. We can no longer be judged by others for the way we have presented ourselves through our makeup choices.

Nail Makeup Is More Important than Ever

For this reason, it is likely becoming increasingly important to have well-groomed and polished fingernails. With masks constantly covering our faces, our hands and the polish we choose to wear is the more obvious makeup choice we get to put on display to the world.

Before masks, people may have completely overlooked your fingernails or polish choice, because they were more distracted by your obvious face makeup. Now that your face is not on display, though, there is a huge possibility that your nails are standing out to others more than they ever did before. Your nail makeup is really the only makeup you get to show off completely, so it may be time to put more thought and effort into the nail polish you are choosing.

Picking the right plant based nail enamel and color of nail polish may have taken the place of choosing what blush or shade of lipstick to apply in the morning before leaving your home. With your face not clearly visible, others around you may be judging your more and more for the appearance of your hands rather than of your face.


As we learn to cope and adapt to a post-pandemic way of life, we may have to accept masks as part of our long-term reality. For this reason, you should take the opportunity to embrace nail makeup as your new best expression of style and professionalism. Having manicured nails may just be the new way of showing these things off.