Why Natural Based Nail Enamels Are Best for Your Nails

Andrea Cid

Publicado el septiembre 09 2020

Why Natural Based Nail Enamels Are Best for Your Nails *Hype Nail Polish
Many women decorate their hands with nail polish. However, when the cap on the bottle is removed, the strong smell that escapes is a sign of the chemicals that exit within the product. These toxins are bad for you and the environment. A better solution is to use a plant based nail enamel. Here are some reasons why using this type of beauty item is a healthier alternative.

Risks that Regular Nail Enamel Pose to Human Health

It is possible for toxins to enter the human bloodstream through a person's nail beds. Duke University performed a study that found exposure to certain polish ingredients can lead to reproductive and developmental problems.

Regular nail enamel usually contains the "toxic trio," which includes formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene. These items are used to create a smooth finish, an even pigment, and chip-proof results. However, these items are known to irritate skin and to affect the central nervous system. Formaldehyde, commonly used to preserve dead bodies, has been linked to throat and lung issues, skin rashes, and certain cancers.

Nail Polish Effects on the Environment

Few people realize that nail enamel can be harmful to the environment. Many cities in this country list polish as a hazardous waste. This is similar to items like house paint, car batteries, and insecticides. If the chemicals get into the water supply, devastating effects may occur. Also, most polish bottles can't be recycled.

Plant Based Nail Enamel Options

If you are not happy with the potential negative effects of traditional polish products, you may search for safer alternatives. Today, Hype has introduced a complete line of natural enamels. Each product is free of toxins, is based on plant nutrients, and delivers beautiful results. The brand proves that it is possible to create polish that wears well, looks great, and is healthy for humans and the environment.

The patented formula includes 85 percent plant-based ingredients. Most of these come from corn and potatoes. Users enjoy long-lasting color that dries quickly and maintains a glossy finish.

How to Make Natural Polish Last Longer

People may complain that natural polishes don't last as long as conventional ones. Although this is not the case with Hype, there are a few tips that will help you achieve the best results. It is advised to paint your nails at night so that the color has time to set and dry thoroughly. Also, the products should be stored in a cool and dry location that is out of the sun.

The explained benefits of natural polish should change the way that you color your nails. Take advantage of the revolutionary formula from Hype to finish your healthy manicure in style.