Best Ways to Remove Your Nail Polish

Andrea Cid

Publicado el junio 25 2020

Best Ways to Remove Your Nail Polish *Hype Nail Polish

No matter what the reason for removing your nail color, it is a job that not too many look forward to. You may have chipped it and/or the polish is just looking worn. You may have an event that you want the colors to complement your outfit. Or your mood may just dictate having a new color that day.

Firstly, the predicament presents itself – should I use acetone or non-acetone-based remover? Acetone based removers are stronger and therefore work faster and more thoroughly. While you may want to use this type, just top get the job done quickly, remember that acetone is a harsh chemical and may cause your cuticles to dry out thus resulting in other problems. Many times regardless of the downside of acetone based products many times, such as with glitters, black, or other very dark colors it is usually necessary to use an acetone based product. Other than these instances it is recommended a non-acetone remover always be utilized.

If you want to have an easier solution to the task you can buy or build yourself one of the remover jar systems. Basically even the mass produced models are simply a glass or plastic jar (be sure if you use plastic that it is the type that will not react with the acetone), a sponge (or two) and your liquid nail polish remover. Again, the store-bought versions come with this ready to go. Homemade version requires you to place two sponges in the jar and pore in the remover. To use this type simply insert your fingers between the sponges till the polish is removed. Whatever jar you use will require a lid to prevent the polish remover from evaporating away after you’re done.

As an “emergency” solution you can add another coat of polish to the nails, wait a few seconds, and then wipe it off. The new polish will dissolve the old and you can re-coat from there. You may have to put several coats of new polish on to remove the old which is why we say this should be only a solution when no proper remover is available.

Taking these simple approaches may make the troublesome task of nail polish removal a little less of a headache.