Having Beautiful Nails While Also Being Environmentally Friendly

Andrea Cid

Posted on June 25 2020

Having Beautiful Nails While Also Being Environmentally Friendly *Hype Nail Polish

Using ecological friendly, plant derived products can be a quandary at times. Many things just are not the same without non-renewable ingredients or need testing on animals or sometimes even humans. The race for a Covid-19 cure and/or preventive is necessarily tested on animals and eventually testing will have to be completed on humans to prove their efficacy.

The same is true with cosmetics. Manufacturers take the easy path and use standard tried-and-true petro-derived or chemical based ingredients. When it comes to Nail Polishes even the “big-guys” will revert to the standard methods of manufacture or take it a step further and source their products from China, thereby saving money – and increasing their profit margins – while offering a product that may have environmentally unfriendly ingredients, or perhaps even unhealthy ones, as several recent news stories have illustrated.

*Hype Nails has refused to follow this easy path and has developed a line of nail polishes encompassing 45 vibrant and subtle colors, 4 productive treatments, while building the polishes on all plant derived ingredients. Renewable, never tested on animals, and now available directly from the Miami based manufacturer on-line.

The formulas are free of toxic chemicals and parabens, with no animal ingredients or by products. The base of the polishes is derived from potatoes and corn, making it naturally colorful, quick drying, and long-lasting. The high-quality formula is supplemented by a thousand filament brush giving you the correct amount of enamel to cover your nails in one smooth stroke.

It has become one of the few ways to enhance your beauty while remaining committed to furthering a safe ecology for our planet.

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