Halloween Special - Buy 4 at a Discount then Get the #15 Halloween FREE - Saves $3.20 per Bottle

$9.99 $14.99

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Buy any 4 colors - any combination -  and put #15-Halloween in your cart and you'll receive the Halloween FREE as well as your normal discount for four bottles. The fifth bottle in the cart must be #15-Halloween and the total free bottle+discounts will be reflected in your final purchase price.

Basically your getting 5 bottles for $6.79 each

Always with FREE SHIPPING! Note: No other codes will work with this combination for additional discounts!

Choose any four + #15 Halloween and price in cart will reflect your total discount. Your four choices can be all different, any mix, or even all the same to receive the discount. Just pick from the drop downs for the appropriate quantity. BUT YOUR FIFTH CHOICE MUST BE #15-Halloween.