Hello to my second trimester mamas! So what happens in the second trimester?! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Entering your second trimester is like coming back to life! (In most cases) You get past all those first tri. symptoms and start feeling like yourself again! Well half of the time at least 🤣 Those tiny kicks pop up, butterflies start kicking in and then comes LOVE! You feel that little human kick inside you and life gets so much sweeter. Enjoy the second trimester mamas, pamper yourself! The best is yet to come! 💕 Here’s what’s included in the box!
- Delicious Guava Bars - Bath Bomb - Compressions Socks (for the swelling, it can occur early in some cases)
- Hot/cold Gel Pack (for just about everything and anything)
- Second Trimester Tea w/ honey
- Vanilla/Lavender Candle - Selah Guava Glow Mask
- Hype Nail Polish (Vegan and Chemical Free
- Selah Island Spirit Body Mousse